About Davke

“The Dream Drain”

  • It’s so unique that it carries it’s own patent number. (U.S. Patent #6175971)
  • Made from 100% brass with stainless steel components.
  • Reduces installation time to 1 man and 45 minutes. (davke 2000/3000)
  • Produces increased profitability.
  • Only 2 tools to install. (davke 2000/3000)
    – 5/16″ Nut Driver
    – Screwdriver
  • No skinned knuckles.
  • Eliminates frustrations.
  • Makes a very difficult job extremely simple.


“The Dream Drain”

The davke© drain is the result of years of frustration on my part, as I struggled to replace leaking plastic shower drains. My innovative design makes it possible for one man to install a new drain, in 45 minutes, verses the old, two men, two hour installation. Plumbing contractors will be thrilled with the ease of installing a davke© shower drain. This is the shower drain they have been looking for.

Dave & Kelli

The birth of davke©
Originated from the names of my two children
dav (david) ke (kelli)

O’Neill the Plumber Established in 1917

James O’Neill

First Generation Plumber

Began plumbing in the 1890’s.
Settled in Seattle, Washington in 1917.
Founded O’Neill the Plumber.
Died in 1939.


Tom O’Neill


Second Generation Plumber

Apprenticed with his father after high school graduated in 1928.
Operated O’Neill the Plumber until retirement in 1961.

Mike O’Neill

Third Generation Plumber

Apprenticed to his father in late 1950’s.
Operated business until retirement in 1999.

Invented the first davke© Shower Drain in 1991.


David O’Neill


Fourth Generation Plumber

Apprenticed to his father in the late 1980’s.
Current owner of O’Neill the Plumber.